Relax – Be confident!

‘Feel on top of the World’

‘With the Power of Hypnosis’

This new CD is for people who desire to be relaxed and gain or restore their confidence in an easy and realistic way. It contains everything needed to make this possible, including, specially recorded subliminal suggestions, a relaxation and confidence building session and Richard Glenn’s stress releasing session, already used to help thousands of people to feel ‘On top of the world’


Track 1. A short Introduction. 

Track 2. Relaxation and Confidence - 20 min. The use of this track will help you to relax and gain confidence in even the most stressful situations, this track is included on our other CD’s, emphasising the effectiveness of this session, play daily for ten days and then occasionally as required.

Track 3. The Glass Statue - 20 min.  This is a hypnotic Relaxation & Stress releasing session, as used successfully for over thirty years by Richard Glenn in his clinics. Play occasionally as a booster session. 

Track 4 Relaxation and Confidence Building Subliminal Suggestions - 20 min. 
The relaxing sounds of Sea and Surf also contain specially recorded ‘relaxation and confidence boosting’ subliminal suggestions, that your subconscious mind will use to enhance the overall effect. This track is particularly effective if played last thing at night - to relax and fall asleep to.


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- Testimonials -
Robert Wallis, therapist – Manchester. I learn more 
every month – Informative and good fun.
Eileen Corr. Dublin – The self-hypnosis info was very useful, thanks.

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